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Experienced creative problem solver with a multicultural background in Motion Graphic Design and Design Management. I've held diverse roles in the TV/Media industry, allowing me to develop skills and knowledge in graphic design, creative strategy, and design management.

Organised and efficient, I excel in handling multiple tasks and meeting deadlines while maintaining a keen eye for detail. Proficient in working with colours and illustrations, I find joy in incorporating digital art into my graphic and typography projects, creating assets from scratch with a sharp focus on marketing and visual aspects.

 I have a strong interest in illustration and fashion design. I also enjoy using AI and mid-journey design to create unique and visually stunning pieces. Additionally, I take an active role in protest art, which helps to bring awareness to important causes. I strive to use my creative skills to help make a difference in the world. My work often combines elements of animation, graphic design, and illustration to create a unique visual experience. I believe in the power of creative expression to make a positive impact on the world.

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