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Woman Life Freedom

Global action in solidarity with Iranian women & girls who are courageously demonstrating peacefully for their fundamental human rights.

For decades, gender inequality and discrimination against women have been legally enshrined in Iran.

In the Fall of 2022, hundreds of protesters, including dozens of children, have been killed by Iranian authorities. These nationwide protests were triggered by the tragic death of 22-year-old Mahsa Jina Amini who died in police custody after being arrested by Iran’s “morality police” for failing to properly cover her hair.

"Celebrating the Power of Protest Art: Neda Abourashchi's Creative Resistance"  memorializes young people who were killed by oppressive regimes.  

My work focuses on creating vibrant, expressive pieces that reflect the stories of young people and communities that suffer from injustice. Through drawing their faces in memoriam, and making posters and logos, I strive to spread awareness and create positive change. 

My project pays tribute to the strength and courage of those who have died before us and reminds the world of the injustices that are still occurring today. I hope that my work can be a powerful reminder of the importance of fighting for justice and human rights.

Make an Impact:
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Cover Art 
Music By Mehran Atash

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