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Gap Time 

Project Overview:

Project Name: "Gap Time" - Manoto Channel Chat Show

Show Description:
"Gap Time" is a chat show delving into Manoto Channel and its programs. The presenter conducts interviews with presenters and producers, discussing upcoming shows and addressing viewer questions from social media.

Artwork Creation:

Unique Presenter Design: Custom show elements and branding tailored uniquely for the presenter, reflecting the show's set design and graphic elements like lower thirds and frames.

Tailored Title Sequence & Graphics: Title sequences and graphics customised to match the presenter's personality and the show's branding requirements.

Dynamic Opening Animation: Vibrant animation incorporating memorable vintage Iran footage, capturing the show's vintage energy and enthusiasm.

Vintage Logo Design: Bold typography echoing the presenter's personality and the show's upbeat vintage tone.

Cohesive Visuals: Consistent colour schemes in lower thirds and graphics complementing the presenter's style, enhancing a unified visual experience.

Automated Graphics System: Implemented a system for automatic updating and broadcasting of custom frames for viewer questions, ensuring easy and swift additions to the broadcast queue.

On-Air Promotional Campaign: Multi-platform promotions across on-air and social media platforms to increase show visibility.

Engaging Social Media Graphics: Eye-catching visuals on social media reflecting the show's tone, encouraging audience engagement and sharing.

"Gap Time" boasts tailored graphics and branding, offering a cohesive and visually engaging chat show experience on Manoto Channel.

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