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Time Tunnel

Project Overview:

Time Tunnel - Rediscovering Old Iran


"Time Tunnel" brings old Iran's memories to life through rare footage, captivating visuals, and engaging storytelling.

Artwork Details:

  • Vintage Visuals: Custom frames and animations evoke the nostalgic essence of old Iran's history.

  • Dynamic Animation: Energising the show's start with vibrant old Iran footage, capturing its unique energy.

  • Vintage Logo: Bold typography reflects the show's upbeat tone and presenter's personality.

  • Consistent Design: Unified color schemes across graphics and lower thirds match the show's aesthetic.

  • Historical Context: Era-specific imagery and headlines enrich the show's narrative.

  • Promotion: Compelling on-air and social media campaigns to drive audience engagement.

  • Engaging Social Media Content: Eye-catching visuals tailored for sharing and audience interaction.

Approach: Blending vintage aesthetics and storytelling, our artwork aims to immerse viewers in the cherished memories of old Iran.

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